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El Otro Lado De La Luna

Be the best version of yourself. Make your dreams happen.


Whether it’s one or many things, there’s always an aspect of our lives that we want to improve. As a coach, I can see you more objectively than your friends or family. Whether you want to step up your career, deepen your relationships and love life, or heal old wounds, I can help you unfold yourself to your full potential.

Together we can bridge the gap between where you are now and where you want to be – in any area of your life.


In our sessions we will …

• Explore your deepest desires in alignment with your values and dreams
• Identify the internal blockages and assumptions that hold you back
• Create realistic roadmaps and timelines for achieving your goals

As your coach I will challenge you to become the best version of yourself, while guiding and nurturing you through the process of authentic self-discovery.

My skills come from over 7 years of development and training in psychology and modern psychotherapeutic counseling through to proven ancient techniques of personal and spiritual development - including meditation, mindfulness and personal mastery.


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Promotional Offer

→ 1 hour free coaching – a chemistry and discovery session.
→ 3 months free coaching on 1 goal (3 calls/month of 45 min. each)

After the 3 months, there will be a fee for coaching with me. The offer starts on October 1. 2016 and I only have 5 available spaces, so get in touch today to book yours. (Add my packages? Include price for 1 hour call?)

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 victor 200Victor (24, Copenhagen):
“Coaching with Laura has helped align my actions with my goals. She was attentive and curious to my desires while challenging me to step up to my best ability.”






amanda test 200Amanda (32, London):
“Laura helps me to see issues from a unique and enlightening perspective. Her coaching is invaluable.”







richard test 201Richard (54, Manchester):
“Laura has an attention to that allows me to explore what is blocking me and move forward, while staying true to my values and goals.



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